Can I Be Allergic to Facial Wax?


For people looking for an easy and long-lasting method of hair removal, waxing seems to be a great option. However, if you have experienced negative side effects and skin reactions from waxing, you may have decided that it might not be for you. It is possible that you are allergic to the wax or your negative skin reaction could be caused by a number of other common reasons.

Allergies to Ingredients in Facial Wax

It is possible that you are allergic to some ingredients commonly found in facial wax. One ingredient that is in many waxes is pine rosin. While it is an effective hair remover, pine rosin can cause red bumps and itchy skin in people who are allergic to it. These allergic reactions usually show up immediately after waxing and may not go away for a few days after waxing.

Interaction with Skin Products

It could also be that your skin reacts negatively to waxing because you are using strong over the counter or prescription medications on your skin. This occurs often in people who are using alpha hydroxy acids or topical retinoids. In fact, many waxers will ask ahead of time what products you are using on your skin and may even recommend that you don't get waxed if you are using a product that can cause a negative reaction. If your waxer does not ask, you should volunteer information about the products that you are using. It could help you avoid an itchy, bumpy face later!

Unclean Waxing Tools

Unfortunately, another reason that you may think you are allergic to facial wax is if your skin breaks out due to unclean waxing tools. Some waxers may use the same tools for multiple clients or may not make sure that the wax is completely clean. If your skin is sensitive, you may have a reaction that could be confused for allergies. Before getting your facial hair waxed, ask the waxer about their hygiene practices. You should not be embarrassed to ask, your health is at risk. And the ones who are very careful about hygiene are happy to share that information with their clients.

If you are waxing at home, follow instructions very carefully and make sure that your tools are also as clean as possible.

Overexposure to the Sun

If you have recently had prolonged exposure to the sun, your skin may be especially vulnerable to a negative reaction to facial wax, causing symptoms similar to allergies. You may also want to take caution when going out in the sun immediately after waxing. It is a good idea to use sunscreen every day, but especially if you are planning on having the delicate facial skin waxed.

Options for People Allergic to Facial Wax

If you have determined that you are allergic to facial wax, that doesn't mean you have to completely swear off hair removal. There are some waxers that specialize in all-natural ingredients that may not cause a negative reaction. You can also have facial hair tweezed or threaded (a traditional Indian method of hair removal). These are often suggested as an alternative for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

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