Symptoms of Yeast Infections in the Penis


Yeast infections are often thought of as a woman’s condition, but the truth is that men can contract them, as well. Men are less likely to get yeast infections, but when they do, they can be just as inconvenient as a woman’s yeast infection. Fortunately, yeast infections in the penis can be treated easily once you recognize the symptoms.


Yeast infections are caused the canida bacteria. Normally men have some resistance to yeast infections because of the way their sexual organs are formed. Men often contract yeast infections through sexual intercourse with a woman who has one already. Prolonged use of antibiotics or an immune system deficiency can also lead to a yeast infection in the penis.


One of the first signs that you may have a yeast infection in your penis is a sudden increase in itchiness. Candida is a yeast like fungus, and it will make your penis itch, especially around the tip. No matter how strong the urge to scratch becomes you should avoid scratching because it can irritate the area even more.

Soreness and Redness

If you have a yeast infection in your penis, you may also notice that the head of your penis is sore. The skin on the head of your penis may be dry or cracked. This is because the fungus is drying out the skin there. You may even feel some burning or soreness when you try to urinate out of the head of your penis.


In some cases, a yeast infection in your penis can manifest itself in small blisters near the head of the penis. As the skin on your penis becomes more and more irritated, it forms the tiny blisters. As the condition worsens, the blisters often break open. When the blisters break open, they can ooze blood, pus or other fluids.


One similarity between male and female yeast infection is discharge. In some cases, there will be an odorless white, lumpy discharge associated with a yeast infection in the penis. This discharge is often compared to cottage cheese. Discharge in a male yeast infection is rare, though, and it is possible to have an infection without any discharge at all.

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