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Begin writing your business proposal with a brief summary that is generated from an outline. In the outline identify who will be performing the day-to-day duties; identify the manager of the business venture and his or her responsibilities.

In the body of the business proposal, identify where the work will be performed, the cost, anticipated income and the methods of controlling quality. Submit a schedule with milestones that states the length of time it will take to complete the business deal.

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The Outline

Using an outline to generate a brief summary should begin with a list of the objectives or expectations, manpower, equipment and materials needed. Document the cost to start-up and operate on a monthly and annual basis because monthly expenses and income will fluctuate. If the business proposal is for a one-time only business deal include the investment required and the anticipated income.

An example of an objective or expectation would be "we expect to be able to sell 500 copy machines by printing and distributing 10,000 new product brochures."

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Labor, Equipment and Materials Needed

Identifying the equipment or materials needed in your business proposal may read "our plan is to secure the services of a freelance brochure writer and graphic artist, purchase 10,000 sheets of brochure paper and print the brochures in-house."

Document the cost of the paper, and the fees to be paid to the writer and graphic artist. Name the person who will manage the project and how long the project will take to complete.

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Investment & Income

State the investment required implementing the project and the return on the investment in the body of the proposal. Include information that relates to your company and industry.

Document the facts used to determine the anticipated income, an example would be "based on past new product brochure design and distribution we can expect to generate $50,000 with the new brochure."

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Base completion dates and milestones on information from those who will be performing the work. It may take a brochure writer one week to write a new product brochure, two days to proof read and two days to print the brochures. Brochure distribution may be completed within one week after the brochures have been printed.

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Read proposals what have been successfully implemented. Use the business proposal models that are most like your business idea.

Speak with all the major parties involved and make a list of the recommendations and implement the best options in your business proposal.

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