Cosequin DS for Dogs

Cosequin DS for Dogs
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Cosequin DS is a joint supplement that can be helpful to dogs with arthritis. Either given alone or in addition to pain medication, a nutraceutical such as Cosequin DS can help maintain cartilage in joints while preventing it from breaking down.


Cosequin DS is a supplement that many veterinarians prescribe for dogs who have arthritis or as a preventative for the painful disease. It contains TRH122, chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine and manganese ascorbate. These ingredients work together to maintain cartilage in joints while preventing it from breaking down.

Joint Cartilage

Cartilage cushions the surfaces in joints where two or more bones meet. It lacks its own blood supply and relies on the tissue around it to provide it with the nutrients it needs. These nutrients support cartilage cells and help to maintain a healthy cartilage structure. When that cartilage begins breaking down, for reasons such as age and injury, the bones in the joint start to touch each other, causing a substantial amount of pain.

How Cosequin Works

Glucosamine hydrochloride, an ingredient in Cosequin DS, supplies nutrients to cartilage that help to keep cartilage cells healthy and functioning properly. Chondroitin sulfate attempts to block cartilage breakdown and manganese ascorbate helps cartilage to grow.

When to Use Cosequin

While all dogs are different, many display the same arthritis symptoms. If your pet seems to have difficulty walking up or down the steps, is slow to get up from a resting position, seems painful or isn't as active as she once was, these may be clues she is developing arthritis. If your veterinarian confirms that she is, using Cosequin DS may be helpful in controlling her pain.

In addition, overweight, working and large-breed dogs may also benefit from using the supplement, which can help protect their cartilage. If your pet becomes injured and is already taking a joint supplement, he will likely have a shorter recovery time than a dog that isn't on a supplement.


Cosequin DS is a supplement; therefore, it may take longer to work than would a drug. The manufacturer recommends using Cosequin DS for at least six weeks before determining if it will help with your dog's pain.

While there are generally no side effects associated with using Cosequin DS, some dogs may experience upset stomachs after taking it. If this occurs, try giving the supplement after your pet eats a meal.

If your dog is able, it may be beneficial for him to exercise in addition to taking a joint supplement. Taking walks on soft surfaces and swimming are good, low-impact exercises. Always consult a veterinarian before administering anything to your pet or starting an exercise routine.

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