Eye Vitamins for Dogs

Eye Vitamins for Dogs
Eye Vitamins for Dogs (Image: http://mrg.bz/c0Oodu (Morguefile))

Keeping your dog's eyes in good health is vital to his overall well being. The eyes are sensitive organs that can be doorways for germs, diseases and viruses to enter your dog's system. Therefore, if you begin to notice any changes in eye area of your pet, he may be suffering from an ailment unrelated or related to the eye, and you should seek a veterinarian's assistance. To prevent a variety of health disturbances, consider administering daily vitamins.

Eye Structure

A dog's eye structure is very similar to that of a human's. In addition to having two eyelids, a dog's eye contains a third, called nictitans. This appendage covers the eye to keep external elements from reaching the eyeball. This third lid comes equipped with an additional tear gland, giving dogs a total of two for each eye.

Signs of Eye Conditions

Eye problems can be noticed through a variety of characteristics and physical conditions. If you notice your dog constantly fussing with her eyes by trying to rub them on the floor or with her paw, seek immediate medical attention. The presence of discharge, cloudiness, bulging or squinting are also cause for concern. Any one of these symptoms will need to be examined by your veterinarian.

Vitamin Supplements

Supplements to help maintain your dog's eye health come in a pill or liquid or form. Mixed carotenoids, quercetin, alpha lipoic acid, bilberry extract, grape seed extract, and vitamins A, C and E provide powerful antioxidants. Lutein, found in dark green vegetable leaves, helps protect the eye from harmful ultraviolet radiation and typically comes in a pill form. Zinc, already found in the retinol tissue, can be added to your dog's eyes to guard against inflammation.


Ocu-Clear is a formula that contains vitamins to help support a dog's vision. Aside from providing antioxidants, Ocu-Clear may help reduce your dog's risk of developing of cataracts. Give your dog one capsule per 25 pounds of body weight each day.

PetAlive Eye Heal is a liquid solution that can improve visual health by reducing inflammation, relieving pain, soothing dryness and promoting general eye health. The recipe contains burdock for stimulating the immune system, meadowsweet for healing, chelidonium majus for sharpening sight, and rosemary for anti-inflammatory effects. Apply this to your dog's eyes by gently swiping a solution-soaked cotton ball over each eye three times daily. Use a new cotton ball for each application to each eye.

Vitamin-Rich Diet

To help ensure your dog receives the vitamins and antioxidants he needs to help prevent eye problems, plan a strategy that includes a combination of daily supplements and proper diet. Vegetables such as carrots, rutabaga, and swiss chard enhance eye health and are safe foods to add to your pet's meals. Carrots contain high doses of vitamin A, which promotes clear vision and helps prevent eye diseases. Rutabaga contains carotenoids and can be boiled and mashed up, making it easy for your dog to consume. Swiss chard is a leafy vegetable that is extremely high in nutrients and other immune system benefits and, therefore, may promote the overall health of your dog's eyes.

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