Facts About Corn Oil


If you visit your local grocery store or even your local health foods store you will likely find corn oil. Corn oil is mass produced and is used by individuals and restaurants around the world for cooking needs. Corn oil is a favorite cooking oil of many with some alternative uses as well.

History of Corn Oil

  • Corn oil was extracted in 1898 and was meant for commercial cooking purposes. The oil was extracted using machinery that was created by Benjamin and Theodore Hudnut, owners of the Hudnut Hominy Co., which was in Indiana. This first corn oil produced by the pair was called mazoil.

Nutritional facts of Corn Oil

  • Refined corn oil contains 99 percent triglyceride. This is broken down further into 24 percent monounsaturated fatty acid, 59 percent polyunsaturated fatty acid, and 13 percent saturated fatty acid.

Cooking With Corn Oil

  • Cooking with corn oil is very popular with individuals as well as restaurants. The reason for this is that corn oil has a very high smoke temperature. What this means is that the oil will not smoke easily, allowing for it to be heated to levels higher than that of other oil varieties. People like cooking with corn oil because, when compared with other cooking oils, it is very inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk.

    Corn oil is a main ingredient in some types of margarine. Many people prefer both corn oil and corn oil margarine because it has a much milder flavor than many of the other cooking oils.

Alternative Uses of Corn Oil

  • Corn oil has many different uses, although many people associate it only with cooking. Corn oil is used in soaps as well as in the manufacturing of textiles. In addition, corn oil is a main ingredient in nitroglycerine, paints and insecticides. The most recent use for corn oil is in biodiesel. With the recent improvements in refining, corn oil has become a candidate for biodiesel, even though many still prefer to use soybean oil or the oil from rapeseed. Corn oil also is often used in the preparation of medications.

Health Concerns

  • Both vegetable and corn oil contain high amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids have been linked to increased likelihood of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. These findings have only been in individuals who consume large amounts of the fatty acid, so use of corn oil in moderation is safe.

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