How Soon Can You Wear Makeup After Lasik?


Lasik surgery is use to correct the vision of one or both eyes for people who suffer predominantly from nearsightedness. The surgery is designed to lessen, or eliminate, a patient’s need for prescription glasses or contacts. There are restrictions on activity after surgery, and that includes the use of makeup for female patients.

Makeup After Lasik recommends that women who undergo Lasik procedures not wear makeup for 3 days after the surgery. This includes lipstick and any facial lotions. After 3 days, you can wear makeup, with the exception of eye makeup. Doctors recommend that Lasik patients wait a week before applying eye makeup.

The Big Deal

Because makeup is applied to the face, there’s a chance that it can end up in the eye, which can irritate the eye, cause infection or even damage to the eye after surgery. And don’t think that using an applicator will protect you, either. Doctors don’t recommend using an applicator, as you can accidentally poke yourself in the eye with it.

Stay Away from the Face

Many doctors advise their patients to stay away from maintaining their face entirely in the days after Lasik surgery. Aside from makeup, doctors recommend that patients not use soap or a facial wash on the face during baths or showers for up to 3 days after the surgery.

Before the Surgery

The makeup restriction isn’t just designed for postoperative recovery. Doctors recommend that you not use makeup before the surgery, too. In fact, many put a ban on makeup for 3 days before the surgery, citing the same reasons as postoperative application: injury, irritation and infection.

Your Fingers

Doctors warn that using your finger around your eye--including something as simple as removing an eyelash--can be harmful to the eye for up to 3 days after the surgery. Many doctors warn their patients not to touch their surgically repaired eye for any reason and will furnish eye drops to help with eye lubrication and potential irritation from airborne particles. Finally, some doctors give patients eye shields for sleeping, so they don’t rub or poke their eye in a groggy state.

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