Guide to Underarm Skin Rashes


If you have an underarm rash, it can drive you to distraction because it can seriously itch, and sometimes even hurt. Underarm rashes can be caused by numerous factors, which range in severity. Now it’s up to you to figure out what is causing your problem and then resolve it.

Heat Rash

If your underarm area is extremely hot and sweaty this can cause heat rash under the arms. Try to keep your underarms cool. Wear loose, rather than tight-fitting, clothes so there is some ventilation and air circulation under your arms.


If you have an underarm rash, you may be allergic to the antiperspirant or deodorant that you are using and may be experiencing an adverse chemical reaction to the ingredients. Sometimes skin becomes desensitized to a certain chemical in a product and you can start having a reaction, resulting in a rash, although the ingredients didn't bother you before. Quit using the product and switch to something else.


Fungus can cause an underarm rash. Your armpits are moist and warm and fungus can thrive and flourish in this area. To prevent this, keep yourself cool, dry and clean.


If you are wearing something that is constantly rubbing your underarms, the friction could result in a rash. You need bigger armhole openings to prevent this.


Underarm skin is extremely sensitive; when you shave you are causing irritation. Razor bumps can develop, as can a rash stemming from ingrown hairs. Don’t shave too closely and do not repeatedly shave over the same area. Do not shave against the grain. If you cannot tolerate shaving because it’s causing a nasty situation under your arms, switch to waxing or laser removal of hair.


An underarm rash can be caused by folliculitis, which is inflammation and infection of the hair follicles, which can occur independent of infection. If the skin is exposed to tars and oils, this can trigger an outbreak. If you are obese or have a compromised immune system or diabetes, you have a bigger chance of suffering from folliculitis than those who do not have these conditions. The infection can occur on the surface of the skin, which is considered a superficial infection, or it can happen deep inside the follicles. If it is caused by an infection, the culprit is the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. If you tend to get folliculitis, you must be very conscientious about your hygiene. Applying antiseptic washes may prevent repeat recurrences.

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