Signs & Symptoms of Bladder Cancer in Cats


Cats can be prone to bladder conditions, and one of these conditions is bladder cancer. In older cats a recurring bout of urinary problems could be an indication of bladder cancer. Bladder cancer can cause a great deal of discomfort for your cat. Any irregularities in your cat's urinary habits should be reported to the vet immediately.


If your cat strains when urinating or moving its bowels, that might be a symptom of bladder cancer. Your cat might accompany this strain with a vocal indication that something is wrong, and if it is straining to defecate, then it will probably make some sort of noise to indicate pain or discomfort.

Urine Symptoms

Symptom of bladder cancer might show up in your cat's urine. you might start to notice blood in the litter box after your cat has urinated. If your cat seems to be urinating for an extended period of time but actually produces very little urine, this could be another sign of bladder cancer.

Activity Symptoms

If your cat is suffering from bladder cancer, then it might begin to show a lack of desire to engage in any physical activity--or go out of its way to avoid activity. Your cat also might start to show signs of breathing problems such as breathing loudly or slow, labored breathing. Your cat also might start to cough as the symptoms of bladder cancer advance.

Cancer Versus Infection

The symptoms of bladder cancer can sometimes mimic the symptoms of a bladder infection in your cat. Both conditions are extremely serious, but the treatments for each differ. It is important to not ignore the potential signs of bladder cancer in your cat. When you start to see your cat display these symptoms, get your cat to the vet immediately.


Your cat also might start to show symptoms of pain as a result of the onset of bladder cancer. It might sleep more than normal, and it might seem as though your cat is constantly adjusting itself to get comfortable. These symptoms might be more pronounced in older cats, and they might seem to get worse as the condition advances.

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