Fruit, Vegetable and Protein Detox Diets


Although the necessity of a "detox" has yet to be proven scientifically, if you are an adventurous sort you might not want to wait for the final word from medical professionals. If this is the case, understand that among the myriad types of detox plans, some are naturally safer than others. The best types of detox plans will not force you to drink bizarre concoctions day in and day out, but will instead encourage a more natural process by replacing unhealthy calories in your diet with healthier alternatives. What follows is a summation of some of the healthiest detox plans on the market.

Detox Generally

Although there are numerous detox plans on the market, which differ widely in the methods they use to promote health, understand that their basic goal is the same. The theory behind a detox is that over time, our bodies accumulate unhealthy toxins in our cells that enter the body through our food, water and the air. A detox is a focused attempt to purge yourself of these toxins through adhering to a restricted diet, giving your body a break so that it can "clean house."

Fruit, Veggie and Protein Detoxes

While some detox diets force you to subsist on nothing more than water, certain raw foods or fruit juice, a fruit, veggie and protein detox will take a more measured and reasonable approach, allowing your body to still have adequate nutrients even while it works to flush your body of toxins. This form of detox plan is naturally higher in both calories and vitamins than other alternatives, making it a safer variant for those insistent on subjecting themselves to a detox.

Fruit Flush Detox

One popular fruit, vegetable and protein detox plan is the Fruit Flush, designed by nutritionist Jay Robb. This is a three-day plan. On the first day, you will consume nothing but protein shakes to put your body into "cleansing" mode. On the second and third days, you will eat nothing but fruits, providing your body with sufficient fiber, calories, vitamins and nutrients so that it can rid your cells of toxins. Plan

The authors at recommend a balanced approach to detox, suggesting that you supplement any fruit and vegetable plan with additional protein, because protein is the building block that your body uses to create and repair tissue. To effectuate the goal of turning your regular detox into a fruit, veggie and protein detox, they recommend purchasing a high-quality protein powder supplement. The powder can easily be mixed into a smoothie for easy consumption. Through this, you will increase the health factor of any detox plan, giving your body extra nutrients to help it win the fight against toxicity.


Out of an ocean of strange and potentially dangerous detox choices, fruit, vegetable and protein detox plans seem to be the safest. However, remember that they still leave your body lacking in both sufficient calories and essential fats, so know that these are not permanent solutions, but rather temporary fixes. Thus, no matter what kind of detox plan you choose, remain on it for no longer than two weeks. This will strike a balance between allowing you to reap the "detox" benefits while not depriving your body of a compete diet for an excessive amount of time.

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