Fun Ways to Eat Healthy

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Fun Ways to Eat Healthy

When it comes to being healthy, there are many ways to absolutely love what you eat while not even thinking about the word "diet." Simple things like home cooking and expanding your spice cabinet open many doors to healthy eating and will make dining much more fun. Tune into your creative side and whip out some truly fun food.

  1. Fruits and Veggies, Revamped

    • Fresh fruits and veggies, when bought in season, can be colorful, exotic and exciting to use. Even after you've tried them all, you can liven up old favorites and create new ones. Instead of snacking on chips and dip, try dipping veggies in hummus or combining fruit with peanut butter. Experiment with seasoning veggies to flavor them instead of heavy sauces and excess butter. Try sprinkling some Cajun seasoning over your steamed or raw vegetables for an extra kick, or using garlic salt to flavor your baked potato instead of piling on the sour cream. For a fun fruit treat, try "fruit sushi." Wrap a peeled banana with a green fruit roll-up, slice, top with yogurt and sprinkles and serve on a plate with chopsticks.

    Cook for Yourself!

    • Cooking for yourself is a fun way to eat healthy because it gives you all the control in what you're eating and there's no limit to your creativity. You can buy hamburger meat with a lower fat content and chicken breasts with no bones or skin. From there, add veggies, experiment with cooking techniques and let loose in the kitchen. On the side, try having jazzing up a small salad with nuts, fruits or different types of lettuce. Steamed, roasted or baked veggies can be delicious and filling.

    Keep Your Favorites

    • Don't cut out chocolate, ice cream or other guilty pleasures from your life. Eating a reasonable portion of dessert after dinner gives your brain the signal that the meal is over and will discourage you from eating again before bed. For a fun mix-up on vanilla ice cream, add drops of food coloring and swirl to your liking before topping with an interesting fruit that you don't often buy. Kiwis, cantaloupe and oranges go great with ice cream.

    Expand Your Tastes

    • Encourage yourself to try food flavors from all around the world and avoid using the same recipe more than once per week. Don't discriminate against a certain dish just because you have never tried it. Rather, make a goal of trying something new at least once a week. Eating a wide variety of foods can expand your range of tastes and help you find new ways to create your old favorite dishes.

    Snack On!

    • Yes, you heard correctly. Eat snacks. People who eat smaller meals with snacks in between are healthier than people who eat big meals three times a day. Eating healthy snacks such as pita chips and homemade guacamole ensures you aren't overly hungry at any meal. Pre-cut fruits and veggies and prepare special dips and various flavors of beef jerky so that healthy snacks are ready to go. Another fun and healthy treat is fruit leather. You can get organic, all-natural rolls of it in the health food section of your store or make it homemade with a dehydrator.

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