Brain Teaser Games for in the Car


While long car trips can be boring, they can also provide valuable bonding time between friends or family members. In addition to those long talks, you can use several brain teasers to keep yourself entertained. These activities are especially great for children on a break from school to engage their minds.


Print a list of riddles from the Internet or buy a book of riddles. Use them in the car on long rides. Don't give out the answer until everyone has tried to guess the answer.

Finish the Word

Go around the car and have each person say a word (preferably a noun, although you can switch it if you'd like). Then, have the next person say a word starting with the last letter of the previous word. Give each person a time limit to say their word, otherwise they will be "out." This game is great for word association and spelling.

River Crossing Puzzles

These puzzles, that are a form of riddles, give a story and ask the players to figure out how the characters in the story crossed the river. One popular river-crossing puzzle goes like this: A farmer returns from the marketplace with a goat, lettuce and a wolf. His boat can only fit one thing at a time, however he cannot leave the lettuce alone with the goat or the wolf and goat alone. How will he get across the river? These type of riddles can be found online and in stores.

Simple Weighing Puzzles

These puzzles include questions like "What weighs more - a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?" and "If you had to measure 4 liters of water with 5-liter and 3-liter bowls, how would you measure them?"

The Picnic

One way to test your memory skills (as well as alphabet skills for children) is to start with the letter A and continue down the alphabet. Begin with "I'm going on a picnic and going to bring something beginning with the letter A ... an apple" (for example). Each person continues down the alphabet, repeating the objects brought while adding their own.

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