Can Drinking Lots of Water Cleanse the Body?


According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 60 percent of a person’s body weight is water. Water is essential to cleanse the body of toxins and to keep you hydrated. The majority of people do not meet the minimum daily recommended water requirements.


When you drink large amounts of water every day, you naturally cleanse the body of toxins. Toxins that are present in vital organs are flushed out by water and can prevent diseases. A daily large consumption of water also helps carry nutrients to body cells. If you are on a particular body-cleansing program, such as a liver cleanse, then The Natural Path recommends that you drink twice the recommended amount of water.


Drinking plain water helps keep the cells in the body hydrated. When you are dehydrated, body cells start to deform. In severe cases, this causes a lack of concentration, black outs and even death. An absence of water in the body also hinders the removal of toxic cells in the body.


You can rarely consume too much water, as it is so beneficial to the body. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, a rare condition called hyponatremia can result from too much consumption of water flushing out too much sodium. This is most common among endurance athletes. There are minimum quantities of water that you should drink in order to reap its benefits. The general rule is to drink a minimum of eight 8 oz. glasses every day. This equals to approximately 2 liters. The Mayo Clinic also states that the Institute of Medicine has different recommendations of daily intakes of liquids for men and women. It advises that women drink nine glasses or about two liters of liquids a day, while men should drink 13 cups or about three liters a day.


There is much debate as to which type of water is truly safe. Tap water may be the first choice of most people, as it is easily accessible, and the price is already included in your monthly utility bill. However, Cleanse and Detox Lifestyle does not recommend the consumption of tap water and states that it contains a plethora of toxins, including chlorine, fluoride and prescription medications. This in turn hinders the ability of water to cleanse the body properly and may even lead to cancer over time. Cleanse and Detox Lifestyle advocates the use of water filters instead, as its claims that even bottled water may be dangerous, due to the possible presence of chemicals in the water from the plastic. The Mayo Clinic does not advocate any particular type of water, but does advise that you thoroughly clean reusable containers after each use to prevent illnesses.


The Mayo Clinic advises that you do not wait to drink water until you are thirsty, as this is indicative of dehydration and the presence of toxins in the body. Also, as we get older, it is more difficult to detect dehydration. Drink water during each meal, as well as in between meals. Drink a glass of water as needed during physical workouts, as well as before and after exercising. Although other beverages contain water, they do not have the same benefits as plain water and can cause dehydration and put more toxins in your body. Examples include alcohol, coffee, and soda.

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