What to Use in an Enema for Cleansing


Enemas can be used for cleansing the colon before medical examinations, for the treatment of constipation and for cleansing the anus and rectum before engaging in intimate interpersonal activities involving the anus and rectum.

Filtered Water

Use filtered water as the base for any enema solution. The amount of distilled water you use in an enema will vary depending upon how high you need to cleanse. Cleanse the lower portion of the rectum by using 8 oz. of water. To cleanse the cecum, as well as the lower colon and rectum, use 16 oz. of water. To cleanse the colon, the sigmoid colon and the transverse colon, use 2 qt. of distilled water.

Mild Hand Soap

Use mild hand soap when you need to use an enema to relieve a mild case of constipation. Pump one to two drops of hand soap into the distilled water solution. Allow the solution to form suds and settle before administering the enema into the rectum. Use the soapsuds solution for enema cleansing before engaging in intimate interpersonal relations involving the anus and rectum.

Epsom Salts

Combine the soap solution with 2 tbsp. of Epsom salts per each quart of enema solution in an enema bag to relieve moderate to severe cases of constipation. Mix the solution together with warm distilled water. Fill the enema bag with the solution. Administer the enema using the knee-chest, left side and on the back position for administering the enema. Retain the enema solution for a minimum of five minutes before releasing the enema along with feces in the toilet.

Table Salt

Use 1 tsp. of table salt in each quart solution of distilled warm water for an enema. Dissolve the table salt in the distilled water. Table salt can be used in the place of Epsom salts for an enema used to relieve constipation, as well as to cleanse the colon and rectum before a medical examination.


Shampoos can be used to form the soapsuds component of a soapsuds enema for relieving constipation. Use gentle shampoos designed for everyday use to relieve mild cases of constipation. Use stronger shampoos such as those for dandruff to relieve episodes of severe constipation when the feces have become almost or completely impacted in the colon and the rectum. Instill five drops of shampoo in a 2-qt. warm water solution. Settle the soapsuds before you administer the enema.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil can be used to soften compacted stools cases of fecal impaction. Use a half-cup of mineral oil for each quart of warm distilled water in an enema bag. You might need to use your finger to manually remove some impacted fecal matter before you can insert the enema applicator tip to deliver a mineral oil into the rectum.


Use enemas only occasionally for purposes of cleansing before intimate interpersonal activity involving the anus and rectum. Use enemas as a last resort after all other methods such as dietary fiber, exercise and other laxatives have failed to provide relief from constipation. Don't use enemas each day, as this can lead to the need to use an enema to have any bowel movement whatsoever.

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