Foods With Norepinephrine


Norepinephrine is an important chemical in our daily lives. It helps keep us alert, awake, perky and focused. It's like natural caffeine except there aren't any negative side effects from norepinephrine because it is natural. As a result, there is no huge crash and no woozy side effects. There are many kinds of foods that contain norepinephrine.

Almonds and Nuts

Almonds and other nuts are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals including norepinephrine. If you need a quick dose of norepinephrine, a handful of almonds a day are an excellent way to get it. There are many kinds of nuts that include norepinephrine, but because nut are relatively high in fat and calories, you should minimize how many you eat in one sitting.


The old adage says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is so true. Apples are a source of so many vitamins and minerals that it is astonishing. They are also a great source for norepinephrine. Cut up an apple or two and eat the wedges one at a time for an extremely healthy snack. Eat an apple or more every day and you’ll be more perked up in no time.


Avocados are fruits that aren’t eaten enough. They are incredibly healthy, tasty and make the excellent Mexican dip guacamole. Like apples, they are loaded with norepinephrine. Avocados can be eaten raw like any fruit or they can be cut up and used in fruit salads. You can even get norepinephrine if you use guacamole as a dip during a party.


Bananas are a healthy and tasty fruit. There are few fruits that could serve as a tasty snack in any situation, but a banana qualifies. They are legendary for their potassium levels, but they are also heavily enriched with norepinephrine. However, they are also somewhat high in calories. They are also relatively higher in fat than many fruits.

Fish, Lean Meat, Poultry and Tofu

Fish, lean meat, poultry and tofu are excellent sources of protein. They are filled with many vitamins and minerals and that includes norepinephrine. Including a healthy dosage of any of these into your diet will help keep you alert and attentive. Avoid red meat as much as you can. Tofu is the healthiest out of these options and can be cooked in many different ways. Any meat-cooking method will work on tofu as well.

Most Green Vegetables

Everyone knows that eating green vegetables is important. They have the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals for any food group. They have basically no fat, and their calorie count isn’t high. Most green vegetables contain norepinephrine. Eating large amounts of these vegetables can perk you up and keep you focused when you’re low on energy.

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