Grapefruit Seed Extract for Dogs

Grapefruit seed extract can be found in a liquid, tablet or capsule format.
Grapefruit seed extract can be found in a liquid, tablet or capsule format. (Image: cynoclub/iStock/Getty Images)

Grapefruit seed extract is rich in vitamins C and E, and is a popular herbal remedy for many illnesses including skin disease, parasites and fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Because it can be used for a broad range of illnesses, you should have different forms of grape fruit extract in your medicine cabinet -- tablet, capsule and liquid extract.

Use Grapefruit Seed Extract

You can use grapefruit seed extract orally and topically. Depending on what illness your dog is suffering, the delivery method will vary.

For example, if your dog has an ear infection, you’ll want to use a diluted mixture of grapefruit seed extract and aloe vera juice to clean his ear two to three times a day, but if your dog has internal parasites or even diarrhea, you can sprinkle a crushed tablet in his food or place it in a ball of cheese.

It's always advisable to consult your veterinarian before taking matters into your own hands. Make an appointment if symptoms don't subside in a short period of time.

Consider These Precautions

  • Grapefruit seed extract is nontoxic. Lab results show it would take 4,000 times the normal dose to produce a 50 percent chance of poisoning.
  • Grapefruit seed extract rarely causes allergic reactions, but the high acidic nature can cause stomach ulcers or stomach sensitivity with long term use or high doses. Reduce the dosage for improvement.
  • Always dilute liquid grapefruit seed extract.
  • Never use it directly in the eyes.
  • If your dog is taking any other medications, consult with your veterinarian before starting grapefruit seed extract to make sure there will not be any toxicity or potency changes with other medications.

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