Types of Yellow Flowers


Flowers are in abundance all over the world, and you may not even realize just how many flower species are out there. Yellow flowers are among the most abundant and have been found to be the most stimulating and pleasing to look at. Here is a list of yellow flowers that may tickle your fancy and make you want to go out and pick a bushel.

The Daffodil

  • This flower is perhaps one of the most known since it has been said all around the world that daffodils symbolize friendship. They have a small, trumpet-like shape and are found in clusters in moderate climates such as the Mediterranean region. The center, or corona, is usually orange, while the flower around the outside has bright yellow petals. Not only are they yellow, but they have also been found in a variety of colors like yellow-and-white, orange-and-white, and even pink or green. Researchers have found that the daffodil has about 13,000 hybrid flowers all over the world.

The Sunflower

  • The sunflower is one that has benefits other than its beauty. It is found worldwide, which gives it broad exposure not only as a brilliant sight but as a food source. You can eat sunflower seeds, which have many nutritious ingredients in them, or you can enjoy something that has sunflower oil in it. The oil industry is worldwide, and sunflower oil is used in lots of foods. The oil has been proven healthful and full of nutrients, so lots of companies and manufacturers have switched to sunflower-oil-based products.

The Golden Goddess

  • The golden goddess is actually a tree, but the flowers it produces are bright yellow. Found in dry tropical areas, it sheds it leaves in order to survive during the dry seasons. The tree produces many flower bulbs, and when in bloom, the entire tree looks golden in color. The flowers can be so large and abundant that the tree itself can't be seen.

The Candle Bush

  • This is one of the most unusual flowers in the world because of its colonization ability. What that means is, the plant can sprawl across aces of empty fields and empty space in only a matter of months. Most other flowers and plant life take several years to make that happen. Also, found in the Amazon region of South America, the candle bush has a very distinctive shape. Its flowers are long and thin in the shape of candlesticks. A unique trait of candle bushes is that the flowers close at night and reopen in the morning. They are not like other flowers that bloom when ready and then wilt when they can no longer live.

The Yellow Iris

  • The iris comes in many colors, but the yellow iris is among the most abundant. There are more than 200 native species of iris, and they grow in a number of places. Some are found in swamps or forests and others are found in northern, colder climates. When not in bloom, the flower bulb takes a sword-like shape, and when it blooms, its petals open widely to display the colorful flower. Symbolism for the iris is communication while the yellow iris symbolizes passion. The meaning stems from the Greek goddess Iris.

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