Hairstyles According to Facial Shapes

The most crucial step before actually getting your hair cut or styled is to figure out which type of hairstyle is the most flattering for your facial structure. You don't need to have a model jaw line or perfect features to obtain a gorgeous hairstyle. Whether your face is oval, round, oblong, square, heart or diamond shaped, the perfect hairstyle can be achieved with a dash of patience and a bit of research.

  1. Figuring Out Your Facial Shape

    • Different face shapes

      Figuring out your facial shape is the first step. To objectively figure out what exactly your facial shape is, measure your face with a ruler and write down the measurements. First, figure out the distance between your cheekbones and jawlines. Then measure the width of your forehead and then the overall length of your face from the hairline to your chin.

      Your face is oval shaped if the length of your face is equivalent to one and a half times the width. It is narrower at the jaw lines than the forehead.

      Your face is round if the length is equal to the width. The widest point of your face are the ears and cheeks.

      Your face is oblong/rectangular if it is longer than it is wide. The width between your cheekbones is the same as the width of your forehead.

      You have a square face if your face is angular and is as wide as it is long. People with square faces have a distinct, angular jawline.

      You have a heart-shaped face if your face is wide at the cheekbones and hairline and you have a narrow chin.

      Your face is diamond shaped if it is widest at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and jawline.


    • Paris Hilton with a chic, modern bob that brings out her angular jaw line.

      People with oval-shaped facial structures can pull off just about any type of haircut. Any hairstyle can work on you, whether short, long or medium. Use the versatility of your facial structure to your advantage and highlight your best features with your haircut. For example, if you have a gorgeous bone structure, try donning an angular bob to accent your jaw. Avoid hairstyles that mask your face and make it look square. Heavy bangs can also cover up your features but if you're determined to get bangs, go for wispy bangs instead that accentuate your eyes.


    • Avoid adding volume to the cheek areas.

      A hairstyle that is longer than chin length can easily bring out your features. Avoid adding volume around the cheek areas. Instead, concentrate the volume on the top of your head. Adding layers and highlights near your face can make your face look more sleek. If you're going for a shorter 'do, go for an off-centered part with heightened bangs and lots of layers. Shags are effective for people with round facial shapes.


    • Liv Tyler's medium haircut is a perfect frame to her oblong-structured facial shape.

      Medium to long layers are ideal for people with oblong-shaped faces. Center parts also look great for this type of facial shape. Try adding volume on the sides of your face, adding wispy bangs to make your face look sleeker. Because your face is already long, avoid extremely long hair as this can make your face look longer than it already is.


    • Sandra Bullock's wispy side bangs and short hair softens her angular features.

      Go for short to medium length hair with wispy bangs to soften the distinct angles of your face. Layering on the side can break up the squareness of the face. Side parts look great with square face shapes and adding volume to the crown will successfully make your face seem longer. If you're going for a bob, make sure it ends below the jaw line. Aim for curly or wavy hair and avoid long, straight hair.


    • Reese Witherspoon's long wavy locks bring out her cheek bones.

      Lots of layers and the side part work great with the heart-shaped face. Chin-length bobs can add width to the heart-shaped face as can wispy bangs. Avoid voluminous, short styles that add too much height to the crown of your head. Sweeping your hair to the side can create a sultry, romantic look and can really accentuate your cheeks. A long, wavy hairstyle looks great on people with heart-shaped faces.


    • Wispy bangs can bring out your features.

      For those with diamond-shaped faces, the goal is to add volume to the chin and forehead. Try a chin-length cut with a wispy fringe. For long hair, go for a medium length cut with curls that start from your jaw line. For shorter hair, try wide wispy bangs with layers that touch the cheek bones.


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