IT Audit Job Description


It auditors are responsible for auditing an organization's technology processes and security. Most IT audits, much like internal audits, are inward focused or produced for management. These audits are a critical checks and balances system to ensure that company employees are adhering to, and following, safely and security guild lines as established by management. Although these audits test controls and determine adherence to regulations, they also focus heavily on financial transactions.

IT General Controls Reviews

  • IT auditors perform IT general controls reviews. This is a review of a company's IT management to determine if a company has adequate standards in place for system development, data center operations and security, data base management and security, network administration and overall information security. They are responsible for testing these issues to ensure that proper controls are in place. These security tests cover the security of the IT requirement all the way down to individual password creation protocol.

Application Control Reviews

  • Application control reviews are performed by IT auditors to determine the effectiveness of controls over individual application systems, such as accounts payable, inventory, payroll or human resources. These systems are most often a group of individual computer programs that relate to a universal function. The controls of these systems encompass the routines within the computer program code and the procedures and input activities. This process determines the data was processed accurately by the computer.

Information Security Assessments

  • Information security assessments are a required function of an IT auditor. These assessments are conducted to ensure that information contained within an IT system is accessible by authorized personnel only. This includes security on all workstations, servers and databases. They determine if proper password authentication and creation protocol are being followed. This is critical where classified, financial, medical or any other regulated information is kept.


  • The IT auditor assists in the planning of audit engagements. He obtains an understanding of the organization and its environment. This information is used to assess the risk of material misstatement/weakness within the audit and systems. He must identify potential risks that may result in a material misstatement or security weakness. He then performs the audit and writes a report of the misstatements, weakness and security risks.


  • IT auditors are most generally accounting professionals. IT audit positions require a bachelor's degree in business accounting, administration or sometimes finance. The most common is accounting. The position requires heavy IT knowledge, experience or training. The position is expected to grow at an above average rate through the year 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average IT audit salary is $63,000.

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