How Fast Do You Lose Muscle Mass?


There are many people who seek desperately to cut down muscle mass and become leaner. Losing muscle mass generally uses the common principles of losing weight and fat. Changing how you eat and exercise are the key principles to decreasing muscle hypertrophy. How quickly or slowly you lose muscle mass depends on several factors. Regardless, it is always important to take correct and safe steps to accomplish your goal.


  • People work out to gain muscle mass for specific situations such as bodybuilding, figure completions and model photo shoots. When they have achieved peak muscle density, most strive to lose some muscle mass and body fat to become leaner and more symmetrical. The steps you take to lose muscle mass can either be advantageous or cause you harm in the process. It is important to understand how you can lose muscle mass in the right time frames and the safest ways to do so.

Calories and Intake

  • Muscle mass can diminish very fast with decreased calorie intake. Your base metabolic rate (BMR) gives you information on how much you should eat to maintain your weight for normal body functions. Cutting down your calorie intake by at least 25 percent (500 calories a day) will allow you to lose muscle mass because you are consuming less than your body needs. Depending on your body structure, you can lose one to three pounds of muscle mass a week if your food intake is lower than what it used to be when you were gaining the muscle mass.

Cardiovascular exercise

  • Most people who are putting on muscle mass de-emphasize cardiovascular exercise so that they are not burning more than they are consuming. You do the opposite when you are losing muscle mass. To lose muscle mass very quickly, adopt a regimen of about one hour of cardiovascular exercises at least five times a week in addition to reducing calorie intake. Once again, the amount lost depends greatly on the intensity of the cardiovascular workouts and the body structure.

Strength Training

  • Cut down on the lifting of heavy weights. It is not recommended that you stick with a high-intensity, heavy weight exercise regimen. Opting for lighter, more fast-paced circuit training workouts is an optimal way of reducing muscle mass safely, because your metabolism stays up and keeps your body burning calories even when you are not in the gym. Higher-repetition workouts are also better to tighten muscle tissue and facilitate fat loss. This helps you maintain lean muscular stature.


  • Do not use fat-loss pills or fat-burner solutions if you don't have extensive knowledge of their uses and side effects. The truth is that most of these products promise you the world, when they are not even FDA-approved. You can lose muscle mass safely and naturally without taking pills.

    Do not attempt to do more than you can handle. Instant gratification is the key to injuries. Losing muscle mass should be a progressive process to reach your goal without putting too much strain on your body. Do not skip meals as a way to lose muscle mass. You not only risk adverse health effects but shut down your metabolism in the process.

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