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Akai's MPC 1000 reigns supreme as the most popular hardware drum machine on the market. While the MPC 1000's legendary swing and punchy sound are what attract new users to the all-in-one music production workhorse, the built-in effects can transform a promising groove into a polished track.

The MPC 1000 has two stereo effects and one master effect. The FX1 and FX2 functions control effects applied to any of the machine's 16 pads, while the master effect is used to add compression and/or EQ to the entire mix. Understanding the MPC 1000's onboard effects can add sophistication and variety to any beat.


  • This cool effect dirties up the sound it is applied to by lowering the audio's bit-rate. The Bit-Grunger is great for adding that punchy, lo-fi sound to kick and snare hits.

Phase Shifter

  • Phase Shifter adds a swelling or rotating effect to the sound. Phase Shifter is a digital imitation of a common studio trick producers used in the 1960s. Using the Leslie speaker cabinet, which came packaged with most Hammond B-3 organs, a guitar would be plugged into the cabinet and recorded, creating one of the psychedelic era's trademark sounds.


  • Tremolo fluctuates the volume of the sound periodically, creating a vibrato-like effect.

Flying Pan

  • The Flying Pan periodically changes where the sound is in the stereo field. This creates the impression that the sound is flying around the speaker spectrum.


  • Reverb is used to manipulate the spatial properties of a sound. Reverb is great for adding depth and dimension to "dry" samples.

Other Effects Appliable to the Pads Only

  • Delay multiplies the original sound, creating a stuttering effect. Subtle use of Delay adds a faint echo to the recently played audio. Delay is often used to add rhythmic complexity to a drum part by creating staggering "ghost" hits.

    Like the Phase Shifter, Chorus and Flanger both owe their existence to the experimental 1960s. These effects add modulated delay sounds to the original sound, causing a ringing effect akin to harmonics. Chorus and Flanger can only be selected in FX2.

Effects Applied to the Mix and the Pads

  • The compressor compresses any signal exceeding the threshold level, making the volume even throughout the entire mix. A compressor is the arguably the most powerful tool in any producer's arsenal because it can bring disparate parts of the mix together. That being said, too much compression can cause a mix to sound lifeless and dynamically static. If used correctly, Compressor adds punch and sonic consistency to the track. The MPC 1000 Compressor features all the standard settings found on most digital and hardware compressors, including Threshold, Gain, Ratio, and Attack and Release.

    4 band EQ is used to cut or boost levels within four different frequency ranges. The frequency field and Gain settings allow users to adjust frequency band range and volume.

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