Fun Winter Date Ideas


There are only so many nights you can spend cuddling by the fire drinking eggnog with your significant other. Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn't mean your partner and you can't have fun together. For fun winter dates, be willing to brave the cold and get physical.

Human Bowling

  • Ice-skating is so cliche. Instead, check your local ice arenas for games of human bowling, where humans are the bowling balls, whizzing across the ice to knock down over-sized plastic pins. Grab another couple or two and make it a fun and physical group date.

Ghost Tour

  • Sign up for a guided walking tour of a haunted district in your town or city. Wintertime is famous for nighttime ghost tours, where you are guided around the streets and alleys of your town and hear tales about the evil and mysterious happenings that have gone on there. Take a walking tour or climb aboard a coach or horse-drawn carriage. With the eerie moonlight lighting your way, this will be a date to remember.

Indoor Paintball

  • Escape the winter doldrums by getting physical and shooting each other with balls of colored paint. You may have thought that paintball was just for the warmer seasons. Not so! Wintertime paintball facilities are a way to enjoy being outdoors with your partner while also having fun. Plus, the required suits will keep you extra warm and those colorful paint splatters look so lovely against the white backdrop.

Window Shopping

  • Go window shopping with your honey. This date is fun without requiring a lot of money. Plan to go with the expectation of just looking, and imagine what it would be like to shop if money were no object. If it's before the holidays, you're sure to pick up some ideas of what your significant other might enjoy as a gift. You'll be serenaded by carolers and enjoy the cheesy Christmas music in stores. After the holidays you'll find a lot of great sales. Either way, you're sure to have a fun time.

Tag Football

  • Assemble some other couples and create a match of tag football. Running around and tossing the old pigskin is a great way to have fun and keep warm with your significant other when the colder weather hits. Turn it into an all-day event by having your friends bring some warming winter foods like roast turkey, eggnog and pecan pie for a post-game feast.


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