Breast Soreness After Conception


For some women, one of the first indications that a pregnancy has occurred is sore breasts. As soon as conception occurs, the hormones kick into gear. The change in hormones can alter breast tissue and increase blood flow to the breasts, which can result in tenderness and soreness, according to

One of the First Signs

Breast tenderness generally starts when a woman is about four weeks pregnant but it can occur earlier. It may last throughout the entire first trimester (12 weeks.) As the pregnancy progresses, your breasts are going to get bigger. You may increase by a full cup size or more. It’s not unusual for the breasts to feel itchy, which happens because the skin is being stretched. You may get some stretch marks on your breasts. When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts immediately start preparing for the baby. Milk glands grow, which results in swelling and perhaps pain, according to


As your breasts enlarge, your nipples will get darker in color and bigger. You may notice veins under the skin of your breasts for the first time. The area around your nipples, called the areola, will also get darker and bigger.

Montgomery's Tubercles

You might notice that the bumps on your areolas, which are called Montgomery’s tubercles and are oil-producing glands, have become more apparent.


When you are about three months pregnant, you will start producing colostrum from your breasts. Colostrum is the first milk that a newborn gets, if he is nursing. Later on in your pregnancy, you may begin to leak a yellow, thick substance from your breast. This is the colostrum.

Female Hormones

Estrogen and progesterone are the two female sex hormones that are crucial to our reproductive health. During your menstrual cycle, these two hormones have a job to do. Estrogen levels soar before a woman ovulates. Progesterone kicks into gear when ovulation occurs. Progesterone causes the body to retain water weight. The reason this occurs is because the body is preparing for an anticipated pregnancy and is getting the uterus ready to serve as host. The uterus becomes full of water and food. The water that is stored in the breast tissue stretches the breasts and makes them hurt, according to


If your breasts are causing you a lot of discomfort, the Cleveland Clinic recommends that you start wearing a bra that is made out of cotton or other natural fibers because this might be more comfortable. Wear a bra that gives you firm support because you are going to need it. As your breasts get bigger, buy bigger bras so that your nipples don’t become irritated due to an ill-fitting brassiere. Wear a bra when you sleep if you need added support.

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