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The National Guard is just one of the many branches of the military. As with any branch, it has a rigorous basic-training (or boot-camp) program that is designed to whip you into shape before you begin serving your country. National Guard training is easier than Marine training, harder than Navy training and on par with Army training. Boot camps have become infamous due to their portrayals in movies and television shows. Knowing what to expect from boot camp can make the experience much less difficult.

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The Recruit Sustainment Program is a brief program that is also known as pre-boot camp. It involves preparing you for the mental and physical difficulties of boot camp as well as getting all of your paperwork in order. This program is designed to help minimize recruit training loss during basic training. It is designed to help get beginning soldiers minimally physically fit for boot camp. It also involves being trained in the classroom on the five reasons that recruits leave the training program. A recruit going through the RSP will go to boot camp physically fit enough to survive and with an understanding of how to survive boot camp.

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Red phase lasts from week one to week three. This is going to be the most difficult phase of your basic training. During this phase you will be doing drills like the obstacle course, the victory tower and the bayonet course. You will be doing a lot of running, push-ups, sit-ups and many other physical activities. You will be yelled at and told you are worthless. This phase is simply a crash course in getting into great physical shape and learning to obey orders.

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White phase will last from week four to week six. The intensity of the physical training will go down a little, as will the personal attacks. You’ve made it through the first three weeks, and now it’s time to get serious. There will still be many physical and mental activities. At this point, your drill instructors will be trying to teach you courage and the values of the military life. You will be doing drills with weapons at this point, including basic rifle marksmanship and grenade throwing. This is the phase where you will get your first true taste of what it’s like to be a soldier.

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The blue phase will last from week seven to week nine. These are the last three weeks of your training. By this point, you should have developed a strong instinct as a soldier. All of your hard work and training will make these last three weeks easier than the first six. You will still be training physically and mentally, but you’ll be in great shape at this point, so it will be easy. Your final field-training exercises will be preparing for battle. These will include convoy live fire, military operations in urban terrain, and many logistical ideas.

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The warrior is the final phase of your training. You will be tested on your physical fitness, your mastery of the basic drills and the military core values. This will be a test of the effectiveness of your training. If you have done everything right and worked hard, this will be easy for you to pass.

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