How Much Is a 1928 One Dollar Silver Certificate Worth?


Silver certificates get their name because they could be exchanged for the metal in the form of silver dollars. The Treasury Department no longer prints silver certificates or exchanges them for actual silver. One-dollar 1928 silver certificates are still legal tender, but they are worth more than face value as collectibles.

Valuing 1928 Dollar Bills

  • There are several versions of the 1928 one-dollar silver certificate. The notes feature a blue seal and a portrait of George Washington on the front and a distinctive design on the back that earned them the nickname “funnybacks.” In good or average condition, these bills are usually worth about $12. “A-A” block 1928 silver certificates are worth about $60 when in choice or uncirculated condition. “Block” refers to the letters appearing at the beginning and end of the serial number. Other blocks sell for more only if in uncirculated condition. Some 1928 silver certificate dollar bills have a star replacing the letter that precedes the serial number. Star notes are worth about $35 in good condition and up to $250 if uncirculated.


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