What Is a Gas Log Fireplace?


A gas log fireplace is a fireplace that has been fitted with fake, fire-resistant logs. These logs have gas nozzles and igniters underneath, so when they are "burnt" they appear to look like natural logs on a genuine wood fire. Gas logs were designed for aesthetics, both to bring beauty to typical gas heating and to give the look of real logs without all the mess and hassle that comes with burning real logs.


  • Homeowners are often pleased to discover the versatility of the gas log fireplace. If a hearth and chimney already exist in the home, a team of professional installers can place a set of gas logs into the existing fireplace. Gas log fireplaces can also be placed in homes without existing fireplaces; in this case a team of professionals will install a faux fireplace or firebox.


  • There are countless designs and layouts for the gas logs: the decision of which design or layout often takes more time than the choice to switch to gas log heating. There are also many accessories available, such as pine cones and pine needles, to add to the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace.

Vented Logs

  • Vented logs are types of log you can have installed. Vented logs appear the most realistic, because they produce a yellow flame and a grey smoke. While this adds charm, it also adds money because much of the produced heat will run up and out of the chimney. For this reason, vented logs, though most realistic, are considered the least efficient of the types available.

Vent-free Logs

  • Engineers of the gas log fireplaces eventually discovered a way to produce yellow flames that did not produce a colored smoke, but rather a clear haze (like the haze rising from automobiles on a hot, sunny day). This discovery made the development of vent-free gas logs. These logs have no need for venting because the air quality of the home would not be negatively altered. Vent-free gas logs allow much more heat to be distributed and can be used in faux fireplaces without the need for a chimney.

Partially Vented Logs

  • A third type is the partially vented log. A special faux fireplace will be installed so that the fireplace damper can be adjusted to allow by-products to be vented out of the house. This choice is for the homeowner who still seek a realistic smoky look.


  • To prevent the risk of fire, professionals should install gas log fireplaces.


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