Pink Eye Symptoms in Toddlers

Pink Eye Symptoms in Toddlers
Pink Eye Symptoms in Toddlers (Image: Pink Eye)

Pink eye is a very common ailment. It is highly contagious, especially among toddlers. Pink eye can be an extremely irritating and often painful experience for your child. While it often looks horrible, it is very common and can be easily treated. There are two different types and several symptoms of pink eye.


Pink eye is extremely contagious. If you have a toddler in childcare or preschool, you will need to keep her home. When dealing with a child that has pink eye, wash his hands, as well as your own, frequently. You will need to make an appointment with a health care provider. When dealing with the eyes, you do not want to take any chances. Try to keep your child from rubbing or scratching her eyes. If you do notice her itching, immediately wash her hands and yours.


There are two different types of pink eye, Viral and Bacterial. Viral pink eye is a more common cause of swollen, red eyes. Viral pink eye is usually caused from a common cold or sinus infection. Viral pink eye is contagious and you will definitely want to call your doctor.

Staphilococci is a type bacteria that causes pink eye. The symptoms with this type of pink eye are more dominant in toddlers. This is also very contagious and needs to be treated with caution. For instance, wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soap when dealing with a toddler that has pink eye.


Viral pink eye is caused by a cold, upper respiratory virus or sinus infection.

The main cause of bacterial pink eye is a result of touching fecal matter. Help your toddler when he uses the restroom to ensure he is washing his hands after using it. If your toddler does get bacterial pink eye, it is very contagious and can be easily passed from kid-to-kid. However, pink eye can also be caused by pet hair or smoke.

Viral Symptoms

Viral pink eye symptoms are somewhat different from bacterial pink eye. There is a discharge in the eye, but it is more of a watery discharge. The whites of the eyes will become very red and irritated. Your toddlers eyes may become swollen. Your toddler may also experience a runny nose and some congestion. Your toddler's pediatrician may not prescribe medicine, but you will still want to have your toddler checked out.

Bacterial Symptoms

Bacterial symptoms are similar to viral, but there are some significant differences. For example, the discharge will be much thicker and yellow or green. Your toddler will more then likely wake up with his eyes stuck shut. If this happens, use a warm cloth and gently wipe the eye. Remember, this is very contagious so keep washing your hands and do not touch your eyes. His eyes will also be red, puffy and itchy. You must take the child to the doctor.

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