Side Effects of Rephresh


RepHresh is a vaginal gel that functions to soothe discomfort and eliminate odor. It is an over-the-counter product that ensures optimal vaginal pH. When the vaginal pH is not properly balanced, microorganisms are able to thrive, allowing possible odor to occur. The gel has no odor or color. There are some possible side effects that are occasionally associated with RepHresh use.


  • RepHresh vaginal gel is intended for use once every three days. Use of the product will ideally boost confidence and feelings of cleanliness and freshness. If the gel is applied every three days, it will keep the vaginal pH level healthy, thereby lowering the risk of developing vaginal problems.

pH Information

  • pH is a measurement of how alkaline or acidic something is. The range of pH goes from 0 to 14. The lower the pH number, the higher its acidity. A neutral pH level is 7 (as in distilled water). An optimal vaginal pH level is acidic, with a level of approximately 4.5.


  • Ensuring a healthy vaginal pH level is crucial because, when at the ideal level, the vagina has a good balance of required bacteria as well as various yeast cells. The balance, however, is fragile and can be disrupted and altered very easily. This can often result in unpleasant odor and feelings of discomfort (such as itchiness).


  • RepHresh is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be sold over the counter in the United States. It contains no hormones or antibiotics. It can be used by menopausal females, however, women who are either pregnant or nursing should ask their doctors before use.

Side Effects

  • Negative side effects of taking RepHresh are rare but have been reported. Some people have had residue accumulation after using RepHresh, caused by dry cells of the vagina being eliminated. This is a natural process that is performed by the body. If the discharge is excessive, however, women should consider using RepHresh less frequently (perhaps adding an additional day or two between applications).


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