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Perhaps you have a small area that is hard to landscape because it seems it is just unusable space. Many homes have a small nook or cranny between the house and the fence or garage that ends up being a place to store everything and is an eyesore. Convert that area into a pebble garden.

Small pebble garden.
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A pebble garden is constructed of various sizes and colors of pebbles. The pebbles are beach, quartz, stone or other types of pebbles. Use pebbles to cover the entire surface or to create a walkway.

Pebbles arranged in a decorative arrangement.
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Cover the entire area with a mixture of several types of pebbles. Leave open areas to access the soil for planting. Plant succulents like hen and chicks or different types of ice plants. Include alyssum or coreopsis. These are small plants. Plant larger succulents like yucca, sun daisies or a pine leaf.

White alyssum flowers accent a pebble garden wonderfully.
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Place a small stone bench in the corner of the pebble garden along with a water feature or fire pit. String lanterns along the pathway to the bench and water feature or fire pit to light the area for evening entertainment. Construct an arbor over the entranceway to the pebble garden. Place planter pots with hibiscus on each side of the arbor and plant any type of vining plant behind the hibiscus. The vining plant will eventually climb over the arbor, creating a wall to the pebble garden.

A stone bench and or fire pit can bring your pebble garden to life.
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If preferred, only use pebbles in a meandering pathway through the small area to the stone bench and/or fire pit. Create a design in the pathway by using different types of pebbles in a geometric pattern. This is a bold, contemporary statement to the overall look of the pebble garden. Use larger rocks to create a garden centerpiece. Stack different-sized larger rocks on top of each other or create an illusion of the rocks falling over. Attach small bits of moss on random places of the rock. As time goes by, the moss will grow and cover the rocks.

Arrange the pebbles in a geometric pattern.
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Use wrought iron furniture instead of stone. If possible, paint a mural on the side of the home or garage where the pebble garden is located. Backdrop the pebble garden with an ocean scene of waves crashing and palm trees swaying in the wind. Alternatively, paint the mural in a desert scene with cactus, clouds, an adobe house, a teepee or other images.

Paint a mural to backdrop the pebble garden.
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