Herbal Products that Reduce Belly Fat

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Stress, poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle can all lead to an accumulation of stubborn belly fat. Some people find adding herbs to their regimen of sensible eating and moderate exercise can provide the necessary boost to help melt away midriff bulge.

Adaptogenic Herbs

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Cortisol is a hormone released when we are under stress. Our body overproduces it when we ingest too many carbohydrates as well. Cortisol is a major factor in the retention of fat around the stomach. Adaptogenic herbs, like ashwaganda, Siberian ginseng and Reishi mushroom extract can help balance cortisol production. When you lower cortisol levels, you increase fat-burning capacity.

Burdock and Chickweed

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Burdock is a diuretic. It is also high in iron and polyphenols. Burdock can help curb appetite and reduce cravings. It is often used in conjunction with chickweed. Several studies have documented chickweed's ability to break down fat molecules. Chickweed destroys the fat cells, and burdock assists with transporting the fats from the body. You can drink these herbs as a tea or find them in capsules at your favorite health food store.

Thermogenic Herbs

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Thermogenic herbs increase the core body temperature, boost metabolism and cause you to burn more fat. Thermogenic herbs include cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and cayenne pepper. You can add these herbs to your recipes. Cardamon, cinnamon and ginger are also commonly included in different teas. You can buy cayenne capsules that are enteric-coated to prevent a burning sensation in your stomach sometimes associated with cayenne ingestion.


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Nettles are rich in several nutrients, including iron, vitamins C and E, calcium and magnesium. The mechanism for how it helps burn belly fat isn't fully understood. It is believed to nourish cells better, which curbs cravings and hunger. Nettles are often paired with fennel, because fennel curbs hunger and boosts energy. Both are available as supplements. Fennel is also a common cooking herb and comes ground or in seed form. You can also buy nettle tea, fennel tea or a tea made with a combination of these herbs.

Garcinia Cantbogia

Garcinia cantbogia appears to inhibit the accumulation of liquid in fat cells. It curbs hunger and reduces cravings. Garcinia cantbogia also lowers lipid levels. Lipid is the hormone responsible for regulating hunger. When lipid levels are too high, your body sends a message to eat. Garcinia cantbogia helps your body retain the "I'm full" message longer. It is sold as a tea, in a tincture or as a capsule.

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