Definition of Modem Card

A modem card allows users to connect to the Internet using a network. It is designed to work in laptops or desktops. A modem card can be wireless, or it can be installed inside of a user's PC. Most manufacturers provide installation guides and technical support with their modem cards, rendering them quite easy to use.

  1. Function

    • A wireless modem card can fit into a computer's motherboard or it can be an external USB card. A wireless modem can also fit into a PCMCIA slot of a laptop. Wireless modem cards allow Internet access by communicating with a router that is connected to a user's PC.


    • The modem card that is placed in the PCI slot of your computer operates at a faster speed. It is usually recommended for the average user but can cost more than other modem cards. The modem card that connects to the motherboard of your PC is more inexpensive than a PCI card but is not as reliable.


    • If you are using a wireless modem card, install security software or a firewall on your PC. Wireless modem cards are more susceptible to hackers and are easier to manipulate. Many users of wireless networks, and hot spots, are using their laptops to connect to them; many of these hot spots lack the security features of a stable home network environment.


    • There are several types of modem cards. An 802.11g modem card is more commonly preferred because it provides faster internet speeds (up to 54 Mbps). An 802.11b modem card is a basic type that is not usually used because it is older and slower than others. It provides speeds of about 11 Mbps. An 802.111n card is one of the faster types of cards and gives users fast download and upload speeds.


    • After deciding on the type of modem card you want to use, choose a manufacturer that provides technical support with their product. Some also provide assistance in installing your card. Select a card that comes with a warranty in the event of failure or damage.

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