Laser Treatment for Dark Undereye Circles


Dark undereye circles occur because capillaries and blood vessels around the eyes break down. The same internal mechanisms that cause bruises are responsible for dark circles. The Facial Plastic Surgery network says that dark undereye circles occur because of iron deficiency, aging, exhaustion, smoking, illness, hyperpigmentation, dramatic weight loss, and heredity. Dark circles make people look tired, unhealthy and older, and many people seek cosmetic procedures to correct this condition. Many people seek laser treatment for dark undereye circles to give them a fresh, youthful look.

How Do Laser Treatments Work

Laser treatments for dark undereye circles work by using beams of light to smooth out layers of the skin. These light beams are visible, infrared or ultraviolet, creating wavelengths that move over the skin. The energy released from light hit the skin and is absorbed through the different layers to correct irregular skin pigmentations. Facial Plastic Surgery network states that cosmetic surgeons use different types of laser treatments because skin color determines which laser will provide better absorption. Procedures take at least three, 30- to 60-minute sessions to perform, 10 to 14 days apart. Laser treatment depends on the extent of the dark circles.

Types of Laser Treatments

CO2 and Er:YAG laser treatments for dark undereye circles work with ethnic groups with darker skin, like African American, Hispanic and Mediterranean ethnicities. Facial Plastic Surgery network says laser pulses removed damaged tissue and improves sun damage. These forms of laser treatments cause less skin damage than other laser treatments. New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery Center says that these laser treatments are not recommended for smokers. Dermatologist Dr. Laura Skellchock says 1064nm laser treatments don’t hit the skin’s surface but go directly to the blood vessels, preventing them from producing dark circles.

Treatment Preparation

To prepare for a laser treatment for dark undereye circles, Dr. Skellchock outlines specific recommendations designed to prevent blood clots or inflammation. The week before getting laser treatments, people should avoid alcoholic beverages, aspirin and NSAIAs like Motrin or Aleve. Surgeons may provide a package of medications and other substance to avoid. Facial Plastic Surgery network says surgeons prescribe antiviral medications to prevent underlying herpes infections, cold sores or viral infections. Dr. Skellchock says to rub BLT anesthetics from the middle of the face to the scalp because treatment affects blood vessels around the eyes and forehead. Patients relieve discomfort by taking two Tylenol an hour before treatment.


Recovering from laser treatments for dark undereye circles takes approximately six to eight weeks. Apply ice, gel masks, or vinegar to reduce swelling, which usually disappears after two or three days. Facial Plastic Surgery network says that patients should keep their heads elevated for at least two weeks after the procedure, take medications according to doctor recommendations and avoid sun exposure for one or two weeks because of sun sensitivity. Change bandages according to doctor recommendations. Do not scratch scabs and avoid makeup until doctors give the go ahead. Once the initial healing process takes place, use sun block and avoid tanning beds to prevent skin damage. Skin will appear pink for about five months.


The cost of a laser treatment for dark undereye circles varies from according to region and individual surgeons. Prices range between $1,500 to 6,000 per treatment. Facial Plastic Surgery network says that these prices do not include the added expenses of medications, blood tests and after-surgery materials.

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