How Often to Wash Jeans


Jeans can be found in many wardrobes. Some people wear jeans almost exclusively. Jeans can be worn as casual wear, in an informal work environment, or even as a chic fashion statement. How often jeans are washed depends on how they are worn and the personal hygiene of the wearer. Concern for the environment may also be a factor.

Preserving Dark Colors

  • Most dress jeans have a dark indigo or black "wash" or dye finish. To preserve this finish, wash these jeans as seldom as possible. Each wash should be in cold water and the jeans should be air dried.

Achieving Faded Effect

  • For the faded look, jeans can be washed as often as the wearer desires. Hot water will fade the jeans. Tumble drying will also accelerate the fading process. Avoid bleach because it can weaken the fabric and cause uneven spotting.

Altering size

  • When jeans are worn the fabric stretches. Washing the jeans returns the fabric to the original state. Jeans that have stretched out, or are otherwise too large can be shrunk by washing them in hot water and tumble drying them. However, there is the possibility that the shrinking will occur unevenly. Jeans that are too small can be stretched by washing them in cold water and air drying them by fastening them around a board. Shrinking and stretching should be done before each wearing.

Environmental Conservation

  • Jeans should be worn at least three times between washings, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. To minimize the environmental impact, jeans should be washed in cold water, air dried and folded without ironing.


  • Many people wash their jeans after each wearing because of personal hygiene. Some people wear their jeans several times, others for weeks or even months, between washings.
    Expensive jeans are usually made with higher quality fabric and a tighter weave and will often stand up better than cheaper jeans to repeated washings.

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