About Insulin Meters for Dogs


Insulin meters for adults and animals can be used to monitor a dog’s blood sugar levels. A small drop of blood is all that is required to take your pet’s reading. Pet meters are already adjusted for dogs. If you use a human insulin monitor, you may have to make minor adjustments and do comparisons between a human and animal reading to account for differences in human and dog blood cells. However, the adjustments and comparisons will be minor. With a rebate, you can get some meters at nearly no cost.


iPet offers an inexpensive insulin meter to monitor and measure your dog’s blood glucose level. The meter comes in a kit that includes the meter, 10 iPet blood-glucose test strips, a reference guide, two Glucode chips and a user’s manual. The kit also includes one CR 2032 battery, a lancing unit, 10 lancets, control solution, kit carry case and a log book so that you can log your dog’s glucose readings. Typically blood sugar readings need to be taken every 12 hours.

One Touch Ultra

The One Touch Ultra Meter can be used for humans and for dogs. You can take a reading with the insulin meter in five seconds with just a drop of blood. Testing your dog's insulin levels with the meter causes your pet minimal pain. Results are easy to read on the meter's wide screen. The meter maintains the reading of the last test when you turn it on so you can compare the current and prior results. The meter also comes with a 75-test memory that includes the date and time each blood concentration was evaluated.


The Freestyle insulin meters come in several types including Freedom, Flash and Lite models. Each meter has a specific associating set of test strips. The meters will not work if you insert the wrong strip into them. No coding is required for the updated Freestyle Lite insulin meter. The Lite model requires a very small blood sample to record a reading and comes with back and port lights.


The AlphaTrak insulin meter comes with two bottles of control solution, 50 test strips, 100 lancets and one kit. Taking a reading on your dog is as simple as inserting a test strip into the meter and powering on the meter. After the meter powers up, check that the display code matches the dog code listed on the test strip vial. Take a sample from your dog, and the blood glucose reading will appear within 15 seconds.


A dog’s blood sugar levels can be tested at the pet’s upper lip. Large dogs are often tested in this area. It is not a highly sensitive area because dogs have few nerves at the inside, outside or upper edge of their lip. Dog’s can also be tested at the base of its tail after you shave fur away so that a small patch of skin is exposed. Elbow callous and ears are other areas where you can take a blood sugar level reading from your dog. However, the lip and the base of the tail are preferred.

To test your dog’s blood sugar levels, find an area of your home that is well lit. Make sure that you have read through the instructions that accompany the specific monitor you purchased. Remain calm throughout the process. If you feed your dog following the testing, your dog might come to associate the event as an experience that leads to an immediate reward. Massage the area you are going to perform the test on. For example, if you are going to test your dog on the base of its tail, massage the base of the tail. Use a damp cloth to wipe the inner upper lip or tail area of your dog clean. Avoid testing your dog on its gums as this can be painful for your pet. Prick your dog with the lancet that comes with the monitor. Take the test strip and gather a drop of blood from your pet. Insert the test strip inside the monitor then wait a few seconds for the test results to appear on the monitor screen.


Get several blood reading comparisons from your dog using a meter and lab analyzer. A good way to measure the accuracy of the meter is to have your veterinarian take a blood sugar level reading on your dog and compare it to the reading that you take. As with any medical procedure, check with your pet’s veterinarian before you change your dog’s diet or other therapy forms.

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