What Are the Causes of Sluggishness?


Feeling sluggish and constantly tired can be very challenging since life is meant to be lived with eyes wide open. And for many people feeling sluggish is not just because of a bad night's sleep. Sluggishness can become a way of life but it doesn't need to be. Finding the reasons behind why is the first step to getting some rest and energy, both physically and mentally.

Too Much Exercise

Exercise is suppose to be good for ypu, and for the most part it is. But sometimes exercise can hurt if you do too much of it or if you don't do it right. And too much intense exercise can also make us tired and leave us feeling sluggish. It is important that when we feel tired or sluggish that we pay attention to that; our bodies are trying to tell us something.

Interrupted Sleep/Not Enough Sleep

Sleep rejuvenates us and most of us need at least eight hours of it to feel that rejuvenation. But sometimes sleep can be a great challenge. People who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep will feel tired and sluggish. It takes effort to fall asleep and if there is a lot of waking up then there is a lot of additional effort in getting back to sleep.

Too Many Sweets

Candy, cakes, cookies, pastries and everything that makes the mouth water can sometimes be a huge downer. Sugar often gives us a quick rush.But when the rush is over, which is usually within no time at all, there is a major crash. Sugar raises the blood sugar levels but often the insulin that is produced to bring down those high levels goes into overdrive. That is when the "sugar crash" happens. The result is a sluggish disposition.


Anemia is a condition when there are not enough red blood cells in the body. The red blood cells get lowered if there is an interruption of blood production. Feeling tired and sluggish is one of the first symptoms of being anemic because when the body is low on red blood cells it is also struggling to maintain a normal oxygen level. One of the most common reasons for anemia is because the body is not getting enough iron. This is seen a lot in menstruating women. If anemia is a problem it is always good to see a health-care professional since it can also be the cause of bigger underlying issues.


Depression is a serious illness that affects more the mental and emotional sides of us. Depression takes a toll on the physical side, as well. One of the symptoms of depression is fatigue and loss of energy. If you suspect that you are depressed and that is the cause of feeling sluggish, then seek the help of a health-care professional.

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