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Part of a beauty regimen for many individuals is taking care of their skin. Often this involves washing the face and applying skin care products such as lotions and moisturizers. However, if the skin of the face is prone to acne and blackheads, then an individual may opt to use one of several blackhead-removing tools available as well. These tools can clear up problematic pores and improve an individual’s complexion with proper use.


One tool that is effective at removing blackheads is a simple pair of tweezers. The action of the tweezers squeezes out material from within the pore. If tweezers are used to remove blackheads, they should be pointed and aligned properly. Otherwise, the skin can become pinched unhealthily, and damage can result.


Extractors are commonly used by professionals who work with skin. There are two types of extractors available. Both are typically made from stainless steel, so they’re very durable. The first type is a loop extractor. The second type of extractor is a double spoon extractor. Both of these extractors work by pressing on an affected area of skin. The pressure pushes out the material from the pore, and the material slips through the loop or hole in the extractor. Some extractors have a lancet on one end, which opens the pore as it is being cleaned out.


Blackhead removal guns are a third option. They work by creating a suction that pulls gunk out of problematic pores. However, unlike the name implies, blackhead removal guns are not harsh. They rarely create suctions that can damage tissue, and some guns have a suction that isn’t strong enough to remove blackheads that are very tightly wedged in the pore.


Blackhead removal strips are a means of blackhead removal that is often cheaper and faster than the use of other blackhead removal tools. They have an adhesive that sticks to the top of the material of the blackhead. When the strip is pulled away from the skin quickly, the debris in the pore is pulled out of the pore. The disadvantage of these strips is that they also can cause skin irritation, because they may pull on the skin.

Pros and Cons

There are benefits and disadvantages to using blackhead removal tools. Although they are relatively cheap and more sterile than using fingernails, they don’t remove the cause of blackhead problems. They also can be painful, and they don’t remove the risk of getting an infection, especially if they aren’t used properly. Risks can be minimized and benefits maximized if a user opens the pores with a warm damp towel before using a blackhead removal tool and washes the tools routinely.

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