About Eucerin

Eucerin has manufactured creams, lotions, shampoos and body washes to help alleviate the symptoms of dry irritated skin as well as products to help slow the aging process, such as sunscreens and anti-wrinkle treatments. Eucerin uses a variety of natural ingredients in their products, such as oatmeal, avocado and aloe, along with glycerin and licochalcone. Regardless of why dry skin occurs, Eucerin has something that will soothe and give relief to the entire blanket of skin. Eucerin products may be purchased at most major retailers and drugstores for around $5 to $10, depending on the product you are buying.

  1. Difference between Cream and Lotion

    • Eucerin offers creams and lotions in nearly all of their products. Creams are heavier, denser and take longer to be absorbed by the skin. A lotion has more water in it, giving it a lighter feel as it is applied to the skin and is quickly absorbed into the skin. However, both are made to give immediate relief to dry skin. Personal preference usually is the deciding factor between a lotion and a cream.

    Eucerin Calming Creams

    • Eucerin Calming Creams are made to sooth and relieve dry itchy skin. These creams are used to help with skin disorders such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Eucerin Calming products also come in a shower body wash.

    Eucerin Aquaphor

    • Eucerin Aquahphor is made for sensitive skin, such as infant skin. Aquaphor comes in a soothing ointment that is specifically made to be applied to diaper rash. Aquaphor also comes in a cream that is made for sensitive skin that is dry and cracked. The Aquaphor line also has shampoo and baby wash.

    Eucerin Redness Relief

    • Eucerin Redness Relief is a facial moisturizer that comes as a day cream and a night cream. These facial creams help to lessen the red spots on the face that have occurred due to sun damage, acne scars, or rosacea. The daily moisturizer also has sun block (SPF 15) in it to give added protection from the sun. The Redness Relief line also has a facial cleanser that helps with rosacea and acne outbreaks.

    Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Creams

    • The Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle products come in creams and lotions, both for sensitive skin. These products are made to go on the face both day and night. The anti-wrinkle line also has a cleanser that can be used before the anti-wrinkle cream/lotion is applied.

    Eucerin Original Creams and Lotions

    • Eucerin is most popular for their original creams and lotions which can be applied anywhere on the body to help prevent or heal dry skin.

    Eucerin Plus

    • Eucerin Plus creams and lotions are made to heal extremely dry irritated skin. These creams are specifically made to be applied to the hands, feet, and body, each sold separately.

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