Building Site Safety Rules


Building site safety rules are designed not only for the safety of an individual, but also for the safety of the entire group of workers at a job site. Everyone on a building site must know and follow safety rules, from the most basic, common-sense rule to the intricate rules of specialized tools. Workers must be aware of visitors to the site and make the visitors aware of safety habits. A seemingly small slip in safe working habits can result in severe injuries or property damage.

Basic Safety

  • Most people who have been around building sites have knowledge of minimal and basic safety rules: Wear safety glasses when using tools; wear a mask when making dust or using chemicals. But there are certain unwritten rules that keep a building site safe---such as to watch and be aware of what is going on around you. Keep in mind that your actions may be safe for you, yet still have an impact on the safety of another. If you see an individual working in an unsafe manner, a reminder of the safety rules is warranted.

Hydration and Heat Illness

  • Many folks are not aware of the need to maintain proper hydration while working at a building site. Using tools and working in the heat can cause life-threatening illness. When you become overheated, you may lose control of the tool being used, causing even further injury. It is important to know the signs of heat-related illnesses---and again, watch those around you. An individual may not recognize the symptoms when suffering from heat illnesses.

Work in Teams

  • It is recommended that individuals working at building sites never work alone. If an injury occurs while working alone, you may not be able to call for help. Children and pets should be kept well away from any potential safety hazards on building sites. Most states regulate that individuals who are new to a building site receive safety training. This should be done when any new worker arrives at a job site. Any individual operating heavy equipment or power tools should receive instruction on safe operation.

Safety Equipment

  • Safety equipment should be provided and used when necessary for a specialized job. When climbing poles or trees, for instance, use a safety harness. Also, knowing which safety equipment is appropriate for the job at hand is crucial. Whatever the safety equipment is, make sure you are using it properly. Many building sites require steel-toe boots. Steel-toe boots may cause more damage than not when working with heavy metal at building sites. Remember, essential safety equipment can only keep you safe on a building site if you use it.

Safety is for everyone

  • Safety equipment may be uncomfortable, and some of the rules seem like basic common sense---but there are many hidden dangers when working or visiting a building site. Safety rules help keep everyone safe.

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