What Are the Treatments for a Yeast Infection on the Skin?


Yeast infection is a common skin disease that comes in many forms. Intertrigo is when folds of skin become irritated. This usually occurs in the groin, breast and underarms when warm, moist areas do not dry out or are commonly wet. Another form of yeast skin infections is candidal diaper rash, and this also occurs from moisture. Each form of a skin yeast infection is treated differently, and some remedies are sold over the counter, but the most effective treatments come straight from your doctor.


When skin yeast infections appear, there are many obvious symptoms. Many times the infection starts as a red rash. The rash can appear infected because the organisms live on the skin but breaks down the layers of skin so the yeast’s overgrowth can take over the area on the skin. The infection is contagious, so there can be traces of it throughout your body.


Clotrimazole and ketoconazole lotions are recommended for application to skin yeast infections. Both creams must be prescribed by a doctor. Ketoconazole is a popular anti-fungal cream. Any cream that ends in -azole is ant-ifungal and works by blocking the manufacturing of ergosterol that makes yeast in the cell wall.


Doctors can prescribe anti-fungal pills when creams just do not work. Generally, doctors will prescribe amphotericin B for serious fungal infections. The anti-fungal attaches to the ergosterol and puts holes in the yeast wall. The yeast oozes out and dies.


Make sure you keep the infected area constantly dry. Moisture is the key to the growth of skin yeast infections. If it is a diaper rash, it is important to change the diaper many times to constantly keep the area dry and fresh. Put nystatin powder on the area to keep it as dry as possible.


After you apply any type of antifungal, top it with petroleum jelly for protection. By putting this on top, there is little chance that moisture will get on the area. Also remember not to touch the area because it will spread. Anything you touch after you touch the infection will become infected.

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