Causes of Dry Feet

Causes of Dry Feet
Causes of Dry Feet (Image:

Dry skin is also called xerosis. There are many different causes of dry feet that include both internal and external causes.

The internal causes may be associated with a medical condition or simply a need to change certain behavioral issues that will create a dry foot problem.

External causes of dry feet may also be attributed to situations that can be altered to reduce the effect these have on the foot skin.

Dry foot issues may not be a serious medical concern, but the problem can lead to other medical issues and, at the very least, may be an irritant to the sufferer.


When a person becomes dehydrated because of lack of water and fluid intake, the skin organ is one of the many parts of the body that suffer the consequences. When an individual does not drink enough water to keep his body hydrated, he often suffers from a dry skin affliction on any number of parts of his body, including their feet.


Many bath soaps are petroleum based. These have a drying effect upon the skin. When these soaps are used regularly for an extended period, the skin tends to dry out. Dry feet may be caused by something as simple as use of a drying soap. In this case, dry feet can be repaired by simply changing to a more moisturizing soap, such as one with a higher glycerin content.

Skin Diseases

Skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema create an extremely uncomfortable dry skin condition. These create skin issues on all parts of the body, including the feet. Check with your doctor if regular moisturizing methods are not healing the dry skin of your feet. You may require a topical ointment that a physician must prescribe to you to soften and eliminate the uncomfortable dryness of your feet.


The level of humidity in the air is often a factor in dry skin problems, including those affecting the feet. When spending most of one's time indoors, this factor can be controlled. Heaters and air conditioners often dry out the air and affect the skin of those within that environment. Humidifiers may be purchased to counteract the effects of the air inside homes and small offices.


Excessive bathing will sometimes dry out the skin of the feet. When bathing, we are removing a layer of the body's natural oils that it may need to retain the moisture of the skin. Although bathing is necessary for cleanliness and reduction of harmful bacteria, it can also be taken to the extreme and create a harmful effect.

Other Diseases

Many other diseases and medications include a symptom or side effect of dry skin. When experiencing uncomfortably dry feet, an individual may check with her doctor to determine the best method to counteract this symptom of her disease or medication. Some diseases that include symptoms of dry skin are diabetes and thyroid conditions. Any issue causing dry skin can create an issue with dry feet.

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