What Are the Health Benefits of Wu Yi Tea?


There are several varieties of teas. The most common three are black, green and Wu Yi, also known as oolong. Wu Yi tea is a form of tea that is gaining popularity due to its health benefits. It is especially noted for its fat burning properties. However, Wu Yi tea offers several other health benefits as well.

The Facts

Wu Yi tea is a medium grade of tea. It is not as strong or processed as black tea, nor is it as little processed or weak as green tea. It is a medium combination of the two. Wu Yi tea is usually offered within the range of 10 percent and 70 percent oxidation, which places it between green tea, which is minimally oxidized, and black tea, which is maximally oxidized. Wu Yi tea is usually brewed to taste strong with the bitterness leaving a sweet aftertaste.


Wu Yi tea is a traditional Chinese tea. It is often referred to as “clear tea” due to its transparency. Oolong tea is often referred to as Wu Yi tea due to the theory that it first originated at Wuyi Mountain. This belief comes from two poems provided by the Qing dynasty: “Wuyi Tea Song” and “Tea Tale.” In addition, Wu Yi tea has long been used by the countries of China, Japan, Thailand and others for its healthful benefits and healing properties.


The most popular benefit derived from Wu Yi tea is that it can help to control obesity. Wu Yi tea contains powerful antioxidants that contribute to a slimmer figure. The polyphenol found in Wu Yi tea triggers the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving fat. In addition to this well-liked benefit, this tea also helps lower cholesterol, increase metabolism and energy, promote healthy skin and bones and reduce stress. Moreover, it contains anti-aging properties as well. Plus, Wu Yi tea contains very little caffeine. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, drinking tea is healthy.


The effects of these benefits vary from individual to individual. However, benefits such as these could greatly improve an individual’s quality of life and even increase her life expectancy. Consistently consuming green tea for a longer period of time provides the most benefits. An individual will reap more benefits if he adopts the Wu Yi tea lifestyle prior to the onset of health problems. Wu Yi tea contains antioxidants that promote a healthier body and may prevent certain conditions, such as obesity, from occurring.


Although Wu Yi tea offers many benefits to consumers, there are false rumors circulating about Wu Yi tea's benefits. Some third-party distributors make untrue claims about Wu Yi tea in an attempt to sell more of their products to consumers. For instance, beware any company that makes a miraculous claim that Wu Yi tea will allow one to lose 10 pounds in one week. There is no evidence that Wu Yi tea can cause such weight loss. Be aware of false claims that cannot be supported by verifiable, scientific studies.

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