Types of Lawn Sprinklers


Homeowners who have gardens or lawns need lawn sprinklers to keep their grass and plants green and healthy. There are several different kinds of lawn sprinkler designs, each with special features. When purchasing a sprinkler, look on the packaging for information on coverage area, water pressure and hose diameter.


  • Oscillating sprinklers spray more than one stream of water across a rectangular area from an aluminum tube that curves down the center that moves back and forth. This type of sprinkler is effective for watering areas that are medium to large in size. Oscillating sprinklers can be adjusted to water only the center, left or right part of a lawn.


  • Stationary sprinklers spray water through holes along the sprinkler head. This type of sprinkler is usually the least expensive and is recommended for small gardens and lawn areas. Stationary sprinklers come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Some common forms are circles, half-circles, and spikes that can water circle-, square- and rectangle-shaped areas.


  • Pulsating sprinklers are versatile and water efficient. This kind of sprinkler delivers large amounts of water with low water pressure across a large area. Pulsating sprinklers spray low, strong streams of water and are more efficient because their streams avoid obstacles, like tree branches, that could dissipate the spray. The can also be adjusted to water both wide and narrow areas.


  • Traveling sprinklers move by themselves to cover large areas and have adjustable spray arms. Wind-up traveling sprinklers move along a cord system that is installed on the ground. Tractor traveling sprinklers are powered by water pressure through a connected hose and follow a path system that is installed along the ground. Both types of sprinklers have varying speeds and deliver high water amounts.


  • Rotary sprinklers spray water from several rotating spray arms and are an effective for small and medium areas. Spray arms that have more adjustment options, such as different kinds and diameters of sprays, are more expensive.

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