Natural Remedy for Bladder Infections


Bladder infections are more common in females, and infections occur when bacteria enters the urinary tract. Bladder infections are rarely serious, and with treatment, symptoms usually disappear within a week. However, the symptoms of a bladder infection are uncomfortable, and they can interfere with daily life. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat these types of infections. Even so, home remedies are also effective. And in mild cases, you can treat a bladder infection with natural remedies.


Bladder infections can develop rapidly, and symptoms may start off mild and progressively worsen. Common symptoms of a bladder infection include painful urination, frequent urination, traces of blood in the urine and foul-smelling urine. In some cases, pelvic or abdominal pain may develop, and some sufferers deal with a mild fever.

Drink Water

Water can quickly flush bacteria from the urinary tract and naturally cure a bladder infection. Increase your water intake at the first sign of a bladder infection. Drink at least 10 8-oz. glasses a day, more if possible. While treating a bladder infection, avoid beverages such as alcohol, caffeine and sodas. These can irritate the urinary tract and slow your recovery.

Take Cranberry Supplements

Cranberries contribute to urinary health, and they can help cure a bladder infection naturally. Purchase 100 percent cranberry juice from your grocery store, and drink several glasses throughout the day. Similar to water, cranberry juice will flush the bacteria from your urinary tract. Cranberry supplements are another useful option.

Use a Heating Pad

If you're experiencing abdominal or pelvic pain, use a heating pad to ease discomfort. Periodically place a heating pad on your lower abdomen throughout the day to alleviate pressure. Also, taking a warm bath or sitting in a Jacuzzi hot tub can reduce pelvic pressure and pain.

Avoid Sexual Activity

In women, bladder infections commonly occur when bacteria from the vaginal area enters the urinary tract. While treating a bladder infection, avoid sexual intercourse. Having relationships can cause further irritation, and this can prolong an infection. What's more, wearing a diaphragm with a bladder infection can worsen your condition.

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