The Signs & Symptoms of Weight Loss


Weight loss is often healthy, as many Americans have excess fat, which may increase the likelihood of health problems such as heart disease and cancer. Weight loss is achieved through reducing your calorie intake, burning more calories through exercise, or both. While being lean and fit leads to good health, weight loss, especially rapid weight loss, can cause problems as well. People already at a healthy weight may lose weight unintentionally.

Body Shape

For many people the most important aspect of weight loss is its effect on their appearance. Calories of energy are stored in the body as fat, and fat tends to build up in certain areas such as the stomach, sides, buttocks and thighs, and under the arms, which can result in a flabby look. When an overweight person loses weight, these problem areas are usually the first to reduce. Your face often gets leaner as well when you lose weight.

Sagging Skin

One sign of rapid weight loss is sagging skin. When your body mass changes, your skin must expand or contract to compensate, but it can't always do it as fast as your weight changes. If you lose a lot of weight quickly, excess skin will likely sag, creating a wrinkly look, especially in areas that saw the most reduction.

Energy Levels

Losing weight can dramatically affect your energy level. Fast weight loss, especially from dieting, often leads to fatigue, since your body is not getting much energy. On the other hand, losing weight through physical activity can make you more energetic, as the heart and muscles become stronger and the body is weighed down by less fat.


Losing weight can affect your mood. Many people derive part of their self-image from their appearance, so losing weight can increase confidence, reduce stress and ease the symptoms of depression. On the other hand, strict dieting and fitness regimens can cause irritability. Sometimes stress and anxiety can actually cause unexpected weight loss.


Weight loss often may increase your libido. When your heart has to pump blood through more fat tissue, the sexual organs tend to be less sensitive, and overweight men may have trouble achieving erections. Losing weight can also improve libido by increasing your confidence and your attractiveness to others.

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