Home Remedies for Giving Dogs Shiny Coats

Dogs with shiny coats look good. They are healthy and sleek. When a dog with a naturally shiny coat develops dry skin or a dull coat, it can be due to internal or external factors. Factors affecting the coat include health, medication, grooming, diet, lifestyle and dog breed. If the dog has no disease or health problems, home remedies may bring out the gleaming coat desired by dog owners.

  1. Grooming

    • Grooming too much or too little affects the external dog coat. Daily swimming or bathing removes natural oils and often leaves a dry, brittle coat. A gentle shampoo or conditioner with skin and hair moisturizers can restore luster. A daily brushing helps distribute natural body oils through the dog coat. For short-term shine, use a grooming or dog show product that is applied directly to dog hair.


    • Change of diet can affect dogs' coats from inside the body. A food with balanced protein, nutrients and essential oils usually ensures a healthy skin and coat. A weight-management food or a diet high in fiber or cereals may contribute to dry skin and less hair shine. Dog snacks high in sugar, salt or cereals should be replaced with treats higher in protein or fatty acids.


    • When a dog eats a high-quality food, the dog may be healthy but need essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. If a veterinarian suggests adding a little oil to the dog's diet, it usually means the dog would benefit from a food topper. Sprinkle a small amount of flaxseed, sunflower, canola or olive oil on the food. Bits of tuna, salmon or basic sardines are excellent sources.


    • Fish oil capsules or skin and coat supplements are easy ways to add natural oil to a dog diet. Be sure that essential fatty acids are a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Brewers yeast tablets are an inexpensive treat and add natural vitamins to the dog's diet. Follow the recommended dosage. Substitute the tablets for other treats. An all-purpose daily vitamin contains nutrients that help maintain a healthy coat.


    • Many dogs naturally have wiry or non-oily coats. These breeds are not likely to have glossy coats due to their genetic background. For other dogs, a dull coat can become shiny with a little care. Grooming shows positive results within a few days as it addresses the external coat and skin directly. Diet and supplements work from inside the body and take one to two months for a full conditioning of the coat. Use caution in changing diet or adding nutritional supplements just for a shiny coat. A balanced diet is essential for overall dog health, appearance and quality of life.

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