Symptoms of Bladder Stones


Sometimes when you are urinating, the bladder can become concentrated and it will cause the urine to crystallize. When urine crystallizes it forms bladder stones. Bladder stones can be very painful and can cause infection, so it is important to know all the symptoms to prompt treatment.


There are a few different types of symptoms that can signify you may have a bladder stone. Bladder stones may cause a great deal of pain. Some bladder stones can also be identified by problems with urine. Bladder stones can even be identified by blood.


The first symptom of bladder stone is that it may cause pain. For men and women, this pain could be a lower abdominal pain or it could be a pain that is felt while urinating. For men, a bladder stone may also cause pain to the penis.


In addition to pain from urinating, there are other signs in your urinating that can signify bladder stones. In some cases bladder stones will cause frequently urination throughout the night. You might even suffer from some leakage. There are other times when bladder stones can make it very difficult to urinate. The person with a stone bladder might find it very difficult to release the urine or will find that their flow of urine will constantly be interrupted. Sometimes a sign of bladder stones can also be a change of color in the urine to a dark color.


Any time that you come across a symptom of bladder stones, you should see a doctor immediately, but maybe the most serious symptom is blood. The most common reason for blood in the urine is from having bladder stones, but it is important to see the doctor immediately because blood in the urine can also be a sign of infection, which could also could be because of a bladder stone.

No Symptoms

Sometimes a bladder stone will have no symptoms at all. You might be at the doctor for a completely different reason and a test might reveal a bladder stone. If this is the case, then don't put off treatment. Even though you aren't currently feeling pain or having problems urinating, the bladder stone could lead to infection and needs to be taken care of right away.

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