Genital Wart Treatments for Men


Some forms of the genital human papillomavirus (HPV) may cause genital warts. Contracted by sexually active men and women, there are more than 40 types of HPV that can spread through the genitals during sex. It can infect men through the skin on and around the anus and penis. Treatments vary, but the fact is that even after a successful treatment of genital warts they can reoccur due to the highly contagious nature of the virus.

Surgical Removal

One form of treatment for genital warts is surgery. However, most warts tend to recur so more than one surgical excision may be needed. The surgical option is usually considered if the warts are widespread and medical and other options have failed.


Cryotherapy is one form of surgical treatment that works by freezing the wart through the formation of a blister around it. The skin heals as the lesion dries up and falls away, allowing new skin to come through.

Laser Therapy

An intense beam of light is used to burn off the wart. This treatment is recommended for warts that are resistant to other forms of treatment. The therapy is expensive used only if absolutely necessary.

Medicated Cream

A medicated cream, Imiquimod, is sometimes applied to boost the body’s immune system. The application helps make the healing process quicker, though it may take longer than surgical methods.

Plant-based Resins

Podophyllin and podofilox are plant-based resins that help eradicate genital warts. Podophyllin must be applied by a doctor, while podofilox can be applied at home. This is a topical application and may cause burning and irritation, so caution must be taken when using it.

Home Remedies

While there is no scientific evidence to support home treatments, it has been suggested that natural products like aloe and vinegar may help in the treatment of genital warts in men.

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)

Loop electrosurgical excision procedure is a method of removing the genital wart by using a loop-shaped sharp instrument, passing it across the base of the genital wart and cutting it cleanly off the skin, then sanitizing the wound.

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