What Is a Box Cutter?


Box cutters are made to cut directly into cardboard, making the job easy and safe. They come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on the box that needs to be cut.

X-Acto Knife

  • An x-acto knife is smaller in size and is shaped similar to a pencil but has a razor blade attached to the tip of it. X-acto knives are ideal for slicing packaging tape along the edges of boxes and then again to slice the cardboard enough to get it to fold easily. Thinner cardboard boxes such as shoe boxes can be sliced clear through with an x-acto knife.

Folding Knife

  • A folding knife is perfect if you need a knife with you at all times, like if you work in a warehouse where you are constantly getting into boxes and then needing to disgard them. The knife can be folded to safely be put inside an apron or pocket. The sharp blade is tucked deep inside the knife when not being used. These types of knives are sharp enough to slice directly through any cardboard box, especially thick cardboard such as apple boxes and moving boxes.

Snap Blade Knives

  • A snap blade knife can also hide the sharp blade, keeping it safe when not being used. It has a small adjustable handle that moves up and down, allowing the blade to be different sizes in length. The snap blade is perfect for slicing packaging tape and depending on the size of the snap knife, it will cut through cardboard as well. Smaller snap blade knives will allow for creases to be made into cardboard so that it can be folded up and disgarded that way.Snap blade knives are ideal for getting into toys that are packaged in boxes or food products such as cereal.

Scraper Knife

  • A scraper knife is an adjustable knife that can be moved up and down, keeping it hid inside or exposed. A scraper knife is another great option when trying to get into a packaged box and then perfect to making it smaller so that it will fit into the trash. Scraper knives come in a variety of sizes and are most ideal for slicing the cardboard so that it snaps in half or folds easily.

Utility Knife

  • Utility knives are perfect for a lot of things, especially boxes. They are durable and strong enough to cut through any cardboard box. Utility knives come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Most utility knives are made so that the razor blade can be hidden inside the handle of the knife.

Razor Blade Replacements

  • Most knife blades need to be replaced over time. Replacements can be purchased at any local hardware store for all general box cutting knives.

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