What Businesses Have Been Affected Negatively by the Internet?

What Businesses Have Been Affected Negatively by the Internet? thumbnail
What Businesses Have Been Affected Negatively by the Internet?

The Internet has radically changed the way we live and do business. Most people find that the Internet has benefited their life--it has, among other things, increased the availability of knowledge and information and connected people from opposite sides of the globe.
The Internet has also transformed the way business is conducted, and some businesses have been negatively impacted by the Internet.

  1. Small Businesses

    • Small businesses often do not have the time or resources to dedicate to creating a website. Business websites are often where consumers go shopping for goods or services. A website visit can be the first interaction a consumer has with a business, and without one (or with a poorly designed website) businesses are at a significant competitive disadvantage.

    Print Newspapers

    • The Internet is a quick and easy news source and has been slowly taking over the news industry. Print newspapers are more expensive to produce than online news, and in light of the current economic downturn, many newspapers have shut down while others are finding it difficult to stay afloat.


    • Despite the fact that pornography stretches community and ethical standards if not overtly violates the law in many jurisdictions, porn remains big business. But it, too, has been negatively affected by the Internet.

      As the Avenue Q song "The Internet for Porn" asserts, there are many people downloading free porn through file-sharing portals on the Internet to the detriment of the pornography industry's producers and sellers.

    The Entertainment Industry

    • Music, movies and television are readily available online for free, and the fact that the downloads are often illegal does not prevent their widespread distribution through file sharing websites.

      Many people in the entertainment industry are incensed that people can obtain their products for free and that royalties aren't being paid for artistic work. Legal action has been taken in many countries to enforce illegal downloading.

      Some within the industry, however, now believe that an effective solution is to work with the Internet rather than against it. For example: Apple's iTunes Store offers cheap music to download, and Hulu.com, among several sites, streams full-length television shoes with short advertisements interspersed.

    Local Travel Agencies

    • Before the Internet the only way to book a flight was to call an airline or your local travel agent to have them find a flight for you. However, booking flights online is an easier and often cheaper method that has almost completely taken over the travel industry. Similarly, hotel and car reservations can now be readily made online.

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