Symptoms of Chlamydia of the Throat


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that affects more than 3 million people a year in the United States. Normally affecting both male and female genitals, a person can also contract Chlamydia of the throat, though it is much more rare.


  • Chlamydia is caused by a strain of bacteria called Chlamydia Trachomatis being present somewhere on the body. It has been given the nickname of "The Silent Disease" by doctors, as the majority of those infected exhibit no symptoms. It is estimated that somewhere close to two-thirds of women and almost half of men who are infected by Chlamydia show no symptoms at any point during the infection.

Throat Chlamydia

  • The main symptoms a person infected with Chlamydia in the throat would expect to experience are a sore throat or a throat infection.

Warning Signs

  • Symptoms of Chlamydia of the throat will appear as early as a week after infection or to as late as three weeks after infection, if they occur at all. Women are less likely to show symptoms than men.


  • Though Chlamydia is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases, Chlamydia of the throat is relatively rare because the bacteria has a hard time breeding there.


  • It is important to note that many cases of Chlamydia of the throat will exhibit no symptoms at any time during infection. Just because you show no signs doesn't mean that you don't have it. Chlamydia of the throat can be easily cleared up by taking antibiotics prescribed to you by your doctor.

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